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caseyl82462840 08-01-2018


Our team is looking to use the electronic signature that is equipped within the Adobe Pro license. The only issue is, it only allows one signature and then no one else can sign the document. This will not work for us as we need multiple managers approvals on said documents. Is there another way we can go about this within Adobe? I know at my previous job this was doable and we could have multiple signatures that were date stamped as well on one document.



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natalies3171885 06-02-2018

Hi Casey,

You may have already done this; check your Signature tab in the Object panel and ensure your fields do not have 'lock fields after signing' selected. It is selected by default when you add a signature field.

You can use this tab to have each signature field lock a selection of fields, all fields, or no fields.

Also, depending on your form, it may be worthwhile to save it as a 'Static' rather than 'Dynamic' form; in my experience, this seems to help multiple signature fields run smoothly, although it does limit other functionalities in the form.