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Shrink text to fit no longer working?


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A year or two ago I needed a solution that would shrink the font size of text down to fit the length of the text box on a form if too much text was entered. I found many posts in these forums explaining that all you have to do is set the font size of the field to 0. I tried it out at the time and it worked fine. I recently needed to do that again, but now when I set the font size to 0, this no longer shrinks the text to fit the field. The text now simply starts out at the smallest possible text size, which is practically unreadable. Did the "shrink text to fit" behavior of setting the font size of a text field to 0 change at some point?

Thanks in advance,

Nathan Dawson

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Hi Nathan,

Make sure you are making the font size zero for the value of the field, not for both caption and value (which is the default).