set tab order bettween radio buttons



Hi all,

I try to set tab order between radio buttons, tab should go gender from male radio button, then go to female radio button) but tab go from male radio button and then go to city text field.

I have spent to figure why tab order is unable to go between radio button. But it is not working. Please help.

Do we have a way to set tab order between radio buttons.?

Thanks for your help,


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What if i want to restrict user from using the arrow keys within radio button??

I have 3 options in on radio group where the 2nd and 3rd options are protected. Ofcourse tab order does not work there but when the focus is on the first option, i am still able to move to the next options (2nd and 3rd) with arrow keys and they get selected despite them being "protected".

This happens only when i use arrow key and now while using mouse!

Please help!


Radhika Magaji