Set Field's Content Fill Color



I have a few text fields that I want to set the background, or fill color to a different color when the form opens.  I want these fields (not the captions) to stand out from the others, rather than making them required fields.

I tried this method with JavaScript in the field's initialize event, but the field only changes color when you enter the field.

Subform_Employee_Info.Table1.Row1.Name.ui.oneOfChild.border.fill.color.value = "0,200,0"; // green

I want the new fill color to show when the form opens.

How would I go about accomplishing this, and at the same time, making sure that the field color does not print?


(Using ES4)

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there's always a way -- i think i stumbled across a solution (a 'workaround' really) -- it's late here so i'll attempt the solution tomorrow..

fingers crossed