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erichill114 18-05-2015

Is it possible to only access a button given that you are one of three specific people who signs the form?

Basically, unless I or two others sign the form, the send email button wont be functional?


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erichill114 19-05-2015


Thanks for getting back to me promptly.  I have attempted the "folder level script" but unfortunately, currently it is over my head.  I will continue to work on it so see if I can develop an understanding.  Again, this is the only way for me to get my form to allow only three specific signatures to complete the form? I'm sure you're a busy individual but is there any way I can email you my form to take a better look at it?

Thank you,



You can only identify a user using a "folder level script", a JavaScript function installed under the Reader installation directory.  If it is possible for you to install this code then have a look at this thread Extracting the current user info