Security issues with Livecycle Designer



In the past, I have been able to modify and change documents inside of Adobe Acrobat after creating the forms inside of LD. I've recently run into a problem where the security settings in Adobe Acrobat continue to advise that it is unable to make changes to the document, which prevent me from inserting or deleting pages. I was able to save documents into a .PDF format from LD without any issues before a week or so ago. I've searched high and low for an answer, but cannot determine why it would have suddenly changed

I'm using Livecycle Designer ES2. I've modified the program in several different ways, but none of them allow me to change the security settings to allow Acrobat to perform the functions that it used to.

Printing the document from LD into a PDF is not an option, as I still need others to have the ability to modify/add answers inside of the created forms.

Thank you in advance!

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If your form has been saved as dynamic PDF you have a XDP file in a PDF shell.

This kind of PDF (XFA form) is totally different to regular static PDF.

Acrobat simply does not allow to modify dynamic PDFs because it can't.