Scripting width on Date field in HTML form livecycle




So i have a PDF form which i want to render on a server as a HTML form. My only problem is that when it's rendered as HTML i want to expand the width of a Date field because of the icon (Red/Gray calendar thingy) that shows up when it's HTML. So on initialize on the field i've scripted:

if( == "HTML 5") {

     date_field.w = "36mm";


else {

     date_field.w ="21mm";


But this wont work. It seems it is impossible to change the Width with script. Allthough according to the Livecycle documentations it should be possible.

I dont want to have multiple fields and show or hide them, i would like to do this as dynamical as possible.

Any ideas or tips? Is it possible to "turn off" the icon that shows up when it's rendered as HTML?

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