scripting - cannot access textfield if its value is empty



I'd like to perform some operations on textfields' values.

I cannot do these if the value of these is empty.

To clarify, I have a textfields with binding pointing to xml data.

So in binding I have somthing like $.root.branch.element.

And xml like


If value is set and I perform script:'page.table.row.TxtElement').rawValue);

I get the Message with the value.

If XML is set like this instead:


when I perform script:'page.table.row.TxtElement').rawValue);

nothing happens. No message.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




You can add a check for null values, to make this work.

var oField = xfa.resolveNode('page.table.row.TxtElement');
if (oField.isNull) {"The field is empty");
} else {;


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