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Scribble Signatures on LiveCycle ES4


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Hi there,

I just got Adobe LiveCycle ES4 last week and I'm happy to see that non-tablet users can successfully use ink signatures when a PDF form is secured, however, I am testing it before I publish two applications and the signature image just won't stay!  How do I make the scribble signature image stay on the form so applicants can just email the form directly from Adobe Acrobat/Reader or email the PDF via an email's attachment after the completed form is saved on their computer?  Please help as soon as possible and thank you in advance.

PS: Is there a way to make the scribble signature field required with the red box showing up around it?  If the signatures won't stay on the non-tablet version of Adobe Reader/Acrobat, will they stay on the tablet versions when applicants send them via email?

PSS: I am not advanced at Javascript and such so please, explain it like you would to a child.

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