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Screenshare -> costs -> etc.


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I have built a screenshare app using the latest spark code and would like to start using it across

some of my clients that I am working with on a daily basis. Are there any stats available on usage

per minute, etc.? Trying to figure out how much higher volume of usage would cost me.

Also, is there any way to improve on the default video quality while speeding up the response

time? I am using the LCCS service for a bi-directional connection between two PCs in my home.

There still seems to be about a half a second to one second lag time between move points

and actions. Any plans for a P2P version?

Lastly, would like to understand reliability for high-volume commercial applications on LCCS

and terms, etc. Can an employee please connect with me so we can discuss specifics over email?



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To discuss commercial terms you can send us an email at lccs@adobe.com

We'll reply to your technical questions tomorrow morning (we are on P.S.T.) but the best way to figure out bandwidth usage is to check the stats in DevPortal.

We have temporary disabled the usage charts due to changes in our backend reporting infrastructure but we'll enable them again in a week or so.

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