Saving content entered in a form created in LiveCycle Designer

jessicas1553676 14-10-2015

If I create a form with expandable fields in Live Cycle Designer, what program does the reader need to have to read the form, enter content and save the form? 

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chuckw64690154 15-10-2015

You can create the form in LiveCycle Designer, save it as a static PDF form, then open it in Acrobat and Select save as other, Select Reader Extended PDF then Select Enable more tools (includes form fill-in & save)...  This will allow other people to fill in the form and save/send the form were ever they want to.  I hope this helps you.

jessicas1553676 15-10-2015

thank you!  so i follow those steps, the user would be able to open it, enter content, save it and send it back to me with Adobe Reader?

I am making an application for a contest and I do not know what software will be availabel to the contestats on their personal computers.  I dont' want to purchase LiveCycle Designer ( which I only need becuse I need the expandable text box feature) if the end user will not be able to complete the form unless they have a certain program.