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Save, send e-mail in plain PDF, not form.


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Hi, I want to send/save my form in plain PDF, or other format html, jpg, gif....

I now that I can export, but don´t want users to send the hole form.

Can I set permission for that?

Pleas help

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Several options:

Paul Guerette has an excellent example of a button in a form, that will lock all fields. You would click this button as part of the sending process so that the form appears to be flat. See Re: Convert a dynamic pdf to a static pdf for commenting?

If you want to save to a different format, then you could also have a button with a saveAs script. However the user would have to select the format in the save as dialog.


If the user has Acrobat (or you are using Acrobat to send the form out), then you could print to PDF, this will also generate a flat PDF. Either of these javascript commands will open the print dialog; however the user will have to manually select Acrobat as the printer.



xfa.host.print(1, "0", (xfa.host.numPages -1).toString(), 0, 1, 0, 0, 0);

Hope that helps,



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Thank you, for your reply.

I want user to fill out the form, and click on "send to e-mail" button. The receiver will then have an plain PDF file with information filled out, and not the form.

Here is what I am thinking about:

form1.#pageSet[0].Page1.#subform[0].Button1::click - (JavaScript, client)
var url = "mailto:email@server.com";
var sendAs = "XDP";
// Adding more packets for send.
var packets = new Array("datasets","pdf");
var doc = event.target;

doc.submitForm( { cURL: url, cSubmitAs: sendAs, aPackets: packets } );
// Adding look form.


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I think you would need to lock all fields first, then send form.