Save LiveCycle Designer ES4 PDF Forms with Acrobat Reader DC




we just bought LiveCycle Designer to create several forms. This works fine - but if a user fills out a form with Acrobat Reader DC, he is not able to save it. Also: I am not able to save any changes in Acrobat Pro DC!

I also try the following:

  • create a simple form with LCD (just one simple textfield)
  • saved it as PDF
  • opened the PDF in Acrobat Pro DC
  • saved it over Files -> Save As -> Reader Extended PDF -> Enable Additional Features
  • obened the PDF in Acrobat Reader DC, filled out the textfield and saved
    • did this step also with Acrobat Pro DC
  • reopened: everything empty!
    • Acrobat Pro DC version also empty

So: IF LiveCycle Designer is a software by Adobe to create PDF Forms, then it SHOULD be also able to use it right - or am I seeing this wrong?

How do I have to create a PDF Form with LCD so it can be saved in Reader (or at leat in Pro) DC??

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I can confirm that "Weitere Werkzeuge aktivieren (mit Ausfüllen und Speichern von Formularen)" the same menu item is as "Enable More Tools (includes form fill-in & save)".

(Actually I use the German version myself and it works with my Acrobat.)

But I have no explanation why that doesn't work with your XFA-PDF.

You might want to check whether there is any scripting code that resets the form upon opening.



Bestellung_Büromaterial.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC-000080.png

And this is how it looks in the german version and how I save it - but: after saving and opening it with Reader DC and/or Pro DC: I can't save any changes.



I already did this. Saved the form with Acrobat Pro and enabled save rights.

But this a) didn't solve the problem and b) not only the Reader also Pro >can't< save any changes.

Using another PDF software is also not the right way because the forms I made are for our company. We can't install a PDF reader software on over 200 clients - they all have Reader DC already installed. Also: we did buy LCD from Adobe to design forms - but the same company has a software which did not allow to save the created forms (even after enabling save rights)!




Sooo, here is the crazy answer to this question. You are NOT able to save a fillable form (for the free versions of adobe reader to fill and save) with Live Cycle, You need to also purchase Adobe Acrobat X and Open the file (after creation in live cycle) and save-as -> extended pdf

This enables the form fill and save rights.

Yep, 2 pieces of software.