magdalena_mg665 25-10-2017

When I go back to check a PDF file, either on a email attachment, or just simply review of the document. Adobe asks me to SAVE AS. So I end with more then one file, each time I review or revise one document. Why can I just open the file without saving it again and again.

Did I do something wrong on the settings?

Please help!!!!

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magdalena_mg665 26-10-2017


Before I send an email that has an attachment, I check the attachment to see if it's the correct one. So when I click on it, it opens to a new window that says SAVE AS.

magdalena_mg665 26-10-2017

Well it is not a particular file, it's all the attachments.

Let's say I'm sending an email with an attachment. So before I send the email, and after I already attached the file. I open the attachment (before I send it) within the email ready to send, to check if is correctly.

When I click on the attachment, that is when goes straight to SAVE AS, and I cannot open the attachment unless I SAVE AS again.

So I end with original, plus original(1), original(2), the many times I try to check the attachment.

Before, it will just open it and let me read it directly without saving it again and again .

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thank you so much for helping me.

mouslander 26-10-2017

I would need to see the file to really know what the issue is. I am guessing you or someone added a script at some point that is triggering on open. Are you binding to data? Are you doing a calculation. If you want to send me the file I can try to take a look at it.

magdalena_mg665 26-10-2017

Thank you Mouslander, it didn't happened before. All of the sudden started doing it. So I have no idea how to change it back.

If you know, please tell me. Thanks again!!!

mouslander 26-10-2017

The Save As usually occurs when the document is considered changed. I am guessing you have a script that fires when the document is open marking it as "changed" Other than finding the script and modifying it, if possible you will have this same issue. I am not sure that you can suppress it in any other way.