Save As then a Save prompt will appear

esdigrap 27-02-2020

Good day!


I have form with cancelAction preprint code and it will depend on the value of a certain hidden field. My problem is, every time I signed it (of course a save as dialog box will appear) and when I try to close the form, a SAVE prompt will appear. How can I automate or is there any script that I can put on my form. Does app.execMenuItem("Save"); works or any similar?

Look at these screenshot
Before signing


After signing


After closing the form


This is the code in the change event of my signature fields


var oState ="form1[0].page2[0].H[0].Row3[0].cwm_sig[0]").signatureValidate();

if (oState != 0)  {       

     oTargetField = this.resolveNode("sig1");

          oTargetField.rawValue = "1";


else {

     oTargetField = this.resolveNode("sig1");

          oTargetField.rawValue = "0";







Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


It's correct that the save dialog appears, because after signing the form, you're changing the value of "sig1" which makes the form dirty again. You can suppress the save as with the following script. = false;


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