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Hi there everyone, I am pretty new to LiveCycle, and I am creating a pretty simple form.

I just need a bit of help with my Save as Button.

My goal is to Save the filled form to an specific folder, and the name of the file should come from one the fields on the form.

I tried following the following tutorial without any luck:

Everytime I add any commands, even a simple   app.execMenuItem("Save");  I get a "Submit Cancel" Error.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the Response Radzmar, I aprecciate it. I have one more questions, If I get the form working, and I send it to a friend. Will it not work on a different computer since there will be no script on that computer? Thanks





the tutorials said the following about using app.execMenuItem("Save"); from a button:

To save files into specified directories you'll have to install a folder level script in your Acrobat folder.

Here's a sample you can start with: