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Hi all,

Have a little queston regarding master pages, I have an adobe form with one master page and one main page. The master page has a header section, content area and at the bottom a table with two columns, the idea is that this table works as a footer. This table just has one row and two columns, one column with a text field and the other with nothing.

So, my problem is that, when text in the textfield of the footer table is too long, the text is cut and text is lost. The requirement is that the missing text should be displayed in another page, exactly the same as the master page, and in the footer as well.

One thing I did do was go to the table object->pagination tab, to se if I can do something there, but is all grey out. Then I went to the textfield object in the cell tab, and found that the "keep with Next" checkbox is greyout.

So, if you have any ideas on how to do this, I would really appreciate it.



PS I'm using Adobe lifecycle designer ES2 on SAP.

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