SAP ADOBE Forms - How can I place one subform after another subform

krishnac5893880 22-04-2017

Hi Experts,

Could any one of you suggest a solution for the below scenario:

I have a subform1 ( with Item data , which can be flowed to multiple pages ) and I need to have another subform2 ( with another Item data, which can be flowed to multiple pages ) , at the end of subform1.

Please suggest the "subform", "Pagination" , 'Accesibility" options to be set to subform1 and subform2.

Also, do I need to place the subform1 and subform2 in the same "Content Area" or different "Content Area".

Thanks in advance for your help.



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krishnac5893880 23-04-2017

Hi Radzmar,

Thank You for your reply.

I have tried as per your suggestion, but didn't work completely.

The first Item data has been printed in the first page ( without overlap to second Item data ), but however it is not being flowed to second page.

The second page displays only the header, without the continuation data from the page 1.

I have 2 Master Pages, as the header is different for first page and the remaining pages.

Could you please share any other thoughts.




For my understanding you have just to put your 'subform2' into 'subform1' at the very end. So the forms hierarchy will look like this:


     master pages

          … (conztest areas etc.)

     page (flowed)

          subform1 (flowed)

               subform (flowed, no binding, can be unnamed, just surround the contents)

                    … (text fields etc.)

               subform2 (flowed)

                    … (text fields etc.)