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I am working in SAP as a developer for a long time, but I am beginner in SAP Adobe Forms.

Now I have to create a complex report with a huge table/chart like this.

Can somebody tell me, if such a table with graphic symbols is possible to create in SAP Adobe Interactive Forms.

If yes, I need to explain how to do ...

Best regards, MD


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Ok, thx for answer.

I tried to draw by font Wingdings 3, for char 'p' it is triangl. In SAP Adobe designer I will see this text correct as picture (triangl), but when I try to run this form (transaction SFP, F8 action), in preview I will see standard text 'p'.

It seems, that this special font (Wingdings 3) is not included in PDF.

In preview in Document Properties/Fonts are only Helvetica (embedded subset) and MyriadPro-Regular fonts, not Wingdings...

Can somebody help me ?

Best regards, MD




Creating a rhombus is not a big deal. All you need is a line  in 45 degrees with the right thickness.

This XML snippet creates an rhombus.

<draw name="Rhombus" y="25.4mm" x="28.575mm" w="20mm" h="20mm">


              <line slope="/">

                  <edge cap="butt" thickness="28.28mm">

                    <color value="255,153,0"/>






However, since you can't create polygones in Designer you won't get a triangle that way.

But you can use a dingbat font which contains such symbol alternatively.