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I am new to LiveCycle and editing an existing form. Some of the fields are hidden behind other elements and not easily accessible in the Design View or clear in the Hierarchy. Have managed to locate most of them, but wondering... is there an option to quickly reveal all hidden subforms and fields in Design View  (without loosing applied actions)?

Although I'm getting my head around the XML source code, I am not yet proficient enough to make all updates directly in the code.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Magus069! Thanks for your reply. Although I might not be able to revert to hidden objects, it's given me an idea. Looking to duplicate the file, the duplicated copy I shall apply the changes you suggest. This should greatly help to establish where in the form to locate each element, also the naming.

I shall report back.

Thanks again.




Hi there,

There's a way to make all objects visible in form within designer, but no easy way to put them back hidden if the form is already made with hidden fields. If you go in XML source code and use the (CTRL + H) shortcut to find and change specific strings you can look for

Therefore, if you would like to have an easy PDF to modify within designer without having to find all the hidden objects in the form, you can keep all of them 'visible' and use the calculate event of subforms to calculate what object should be hidden or visible within that subform or the subform itself. This may be a lot of work when modifying a PDF which does not work this way, but afterwards it is very useful when the PDF needs to modified.

I hope this will help you!