Returning partial text from <xfa.event.newText>

Geckoz100 30-01-2015


I have a short script that populates a box with the content of a few fields in a form that they will then use a file name that they can just paste when they click a Submit button.

So here's the script:

FileNameForSave.rawValue = xfa.event.newText + " " + EventName.rawValue + " " + CityEvent.rawValue + " " + StateEvent.rawValue ;

The xfa.event.newText captures a Date field with slashes in YYYY/MM/DD format, but I don't want it to return the slashes.  Is it possible just to grab the numeric part by getting the YYYY first, then the MM, then the DD?

Thanks for any help.

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Geckoz100 02-02-2015

Great, that's exactly what I was looking for.  But I don't know how to incorporate it into the script, which is in the "change" event.  Do I need to assigned the "cleaned" date to a temporary variable and then apply the script?

I figure something like this:

var cleanDate = console.println(xfa.event.newText.replace(/\//g,""));

FileNameForSave.rawValue = cleanDate + " " + EventName.rawValue + " " + CityEvent.rawValue + " " + StateEvent.rawValue ;

P.S.  How do you get your colors to show up in the script in these boxes?


This is just an effect of Designers syntax highligher when it finds a double slash in a regular expression

The code is fine.

You also can use as alternative:

xfa.event.newText.replace(/[\/]/g, "");

Geckoz100 04-02-2015

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for all your responses.  In the first line, everything after the double dashes is getting commented out -- is that correct?



The xfa.event.newText for a date field will come though with a date formatted with the edit pattern.  So assuming your edit pattern is date{YYYY/MM/DD} then you can use;

var cleanDate = xfa.event.newText.replace(/\//g, "");

FileNameForSave.rawValue = cleanDate + " " + EventName.rawValue + " " + CityEvent.rawValue + " " + StateEvent.rawValue;


(or you could put it all in one line).

Under Tools ... Optiosn ... Workspace ... JavaScript Syntax Formatting you can change the font type, size and color, I have used customs text color for Number and String.  Just helps me think about if the value would be better off being a form variable, rather than having literals in multiple places in the form.





If you just want to remove the slashes you can use the replace method;


To get to the individual parts use the split method;

var segments = "YYYY/MM/DD".split("/");

console.println(segments[0]) // year

console.println(segments[1]) // month

console.println(segments[2]) // day