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Hello, all;

I have been working on a LiveCycle form that called for a repeating subform that works well (and another project that involves repeating table rows). Then I realized that if the user hit the Reset button, the subform(s) would remain at their current state/however many instances they had added or deleted up to that point.

I followed this post ( that managed to get the subforms reset back to 1 instance, but my form's initial state includes 3 instances of the subform that the user begins with. How can I modify the instance code to reset the initial count back to 3 instead of 1?

I appreciate your help.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

so the forum thread you have mentioned has a link to my Template PDF form which is a bit old.

I kept it only to keep the link alive, but there is a more recent version of that PDF which now handle that kind of stuff.

Technically, to reset instances to the initial count, you only need to call the min property of the instanceManager like the following :

And reset the fields' values properly.

Here is the new link of the PDF,

TemplateDesign_Validation_Reset_Form.pdf - Google Drive

And this is the forum thread in which I keep updates of that PDF.

Validation / Reset Functions, easy to manipulate and to change Forms!!!!

One day I will post a newer version of that PDF but for now this is what I've done.

If you have any question, let me know.

Hope this will help.

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