Required Radio Buttons Won't Validate/Submit

areddingICF 06-08-2015

I'm having an issue in Designer ES4 (also seems to happen in the new AEM Forms 6.1) where my required radio button fields are not being validated.  More over, none of the fields below a required radio button are being validated either.  If the radio button is removed, all other fields validate as expected. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't remember ever having this issue with previous versions.

I tried using checkboxes to simulate the radio buttons but it is extra code to validate the checkbox and I end up with duplicate validation messages (one for each option) so it was not a user friendly workaround - open to suggestions for improving the workaround as well/

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

areddingICF 07-08-2015

So Adobe directed me to this:


Changing the target version of the form to 9.1 in the form properties resolved the validation issue. This option is not available in the latest version of Designer though, you have to use version 11 or lower for this to work.

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