Repeat Subform not working for me



Using ES4 Version 11.0 on Win7 (64bit)

following various tutorials and instructions, I cannot get this to work. I've looked at a complex sample posted here a while ago but can't seem to dissect that one either to make mine work.

Places I have been to:

Adobe LiveCycle ES3 * Create a button to add and remove a section

Setting up Reoccurring Subforms with AddRemove Buttons - How to's...

Repeating subforms within a subform

Following the detailed instructions below:

Adobe LiveCycle ES4 * Creating repeating and multipage subforms

...left me lost and confused at what were the names of subforms etc... can anyone enlighten me more with pictures?

Below is a screen shot of my work area, is it wrong?


Here is a link to my file for those wish to check it is ok in the first place:

I've had a reasonable amount of success using Livecycle Designer over the years since 2010 but this 'simple' procedure has me completely lost made worse by the very wordy online instructions that when I follow them don't appear to work.

with regards, an exasperated


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Dom,

On the formToRepeat element you need to set the "Repeat Subform for Each Data Item" in the binding tab of the Object Palette.


Then you will be able to add another instance using the JavaScript code;


Here is a version of your form with these changes,



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Answers (1)



Thank you, Bruce, so glad you used my file which has massively helped me understand what I was trying to do. I believe I can expand from this point onwards.

On earlier attempts, I didn't figure the importance of the underscore preceding my subform (or object) name, I thought it was part of the name created of the subform.

thanks again. ANSWERED!