rendering a blank page not working for multiple xdp's in assembler




we are trying to append different .xdp's witht he assembler service to get the resultant .pdf

Main xdp :docin.xdp

2nd .xdp : doci2n.xdp

there are multiple xdp's that would be combined together with the ddx,

the main xdp (pdf from the main .xdp) should always end with an even page, i have a blank page that fires up when the pdf ends with an odd number , when tested just the main xdp with the assembler service it works fine (it ends with even page)

but when other xdp's are sent with the main xdp in the assembler, the assembler prints the .pdf from the second .xdp on the even page (which is supposed to be blank- with the incorporated logic in the main .xdp), is there a way that the .pdf from main xdp (docin.xdp) can end with even pages and the .pdf from other .xdp(doci2n.xdp) can start on an odd page.

<DDX xmlns="">

  <PDF result="result3.pdf">


      <XDP source="docin.xdp"/>

      <XDPContent insertionPoint="header" source="Header.xdp"/>

        <XDP source="doci2n.xdp"/>

      <XFAData source="data.xml"/>




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