Removing Rows and Hiding Inst



Hello everyone,

I have 2 problems with a form with 4 Sections and various subforms within these sections.

1) I have a table that I can addrows, while adding an additonal row from Section1 I have the same amount of rows appearing on Section3 however I can not manage to remove the rows when selecting "-" on Section1. You should know that I have the table in Section 1 as hidden.

The code for adding is:

newRow = SECTION3.SF8.instanceManager.addInstance(1);

= "visible";

Any idea how I can delete the new row added in Section3?

2) I have 12 checkboxes in Section1 which when clicking on each individually opens up a new area Section 3 and its subforms. What I need is to hide Section 3 if none of the checkboxes is ticked.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.



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