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I am creating a form in Livecycle es4 that has several rows of of questions, each row requires the user to answer Yes, No or N/A. I would like to use radio buttons to avoid multiple checks on one line.

I created the first set of 3 buttons and formatted them to fit the form, then I made an individual copy of each by going to: Edit > Copy Multiple, in the Copy Multiple dialog box I selected Place Above in the Vertical Placement & No Horizontal Movement in the Horizontal Movement. A single radio box was added above, I repeated this for each of the 3 buttons, here is where the problem is, all 6 buttons are tied together instead of 2 individual rows of 3 buttons. Can the two rows be separated or is there a better way of doing what I want to do?

Any help will be appreciated.

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I didnt even know about that function, kudos to you. I also didnt know about this solution...kudos to me LOL

In the Hierarchy, select the radio buttons you want into a separate Radio Button group, right click and select Wrap in new Radio Button Group. If something still isnt in the right place, drag and drop in the Hierarchy.