Referring multidimensional object???

chrisb29762052 02-09-2015

Not a programmer and it is my first time working with multidimensional object.

I have a table with  fields "MaxDepth" and "TotalDiveTime" and need to refer my variables (Rep1, Rep2, Rep3) to the multidimensional table as illustrated so that I can to run the script that follow to get the needed value in another field of the table refer here as Rep3.


Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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you have to declare the object that holds the desired date first.

Then you can read the desired date the following way:

var repTable = {

  a : {a1: 111, a2: 112},

  b : {b1: 221, b2: 222}


  repA = repTable['a']['a1'],

  repB = repTable['b']['b2'];;

Hope this helps.