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Hi All - I'm hoping someone can help me out please? (I've spent days scouring the net and trying different code to no avail!)

I have a form and I need to take the contents of an expanding table, concatenate it and then add all the 'rows' of text together in a 'Concatenated' text field (CONCAT Workforce). Hopefully below will explain:

The expanding table below:


Needs to be concatenated in the 'CONCAT Workforce' Textfield to display as:

Mickey Mouse Team 1 Widgets Brand Marketing Contact Centre Normal Business Hours

Donald Duck Team 2 Wingnuts Corporate Communications Engineering Extended Hours

I am fairly new to LiveCycle (and do not really understand JS) - I have some code in the calculate event of the text box (thanks Magus!) however it does not seem to work for this table? The problem is one of hierarchy I believe as my 'repeatable section' includes an 'Add Details' hidden section that needs to repeat for every row. I think this may be screwing up the referencing for the code and I can't figure out the correct referencing (I've tried everything! ). It kind of works when I place the concatenated text field in the same subform however the text field also then gets repeated which is not desired.

I am struggling to reference each of the new row instances and also to combine into one text field? Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

I have placed the pdf here as it would be very difficult to solve what I think may be a hierarchy issue without seeing the form!

Many Thanks


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