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Reader Extend from a workflow start point does not seem to be functional


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The version of LiveCycle I am currently using is: Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES4

Whenever I create a new workflow and have to reader extend the document that the workflow creates, it seems like there is a bug in the GUI that does not allow for this feature to work.

The step by step process of replicating the situation I found myself in, is as follows:

  • Create a fresh new workflow (in the Workbench)
  • Drag in a new Start Point (we'll call this spA for the poc (proof of concept))
  • Select spA
  • Within Process Properties -> Under Presentation and Data
    • Within the Manage Action Profile icon window
      • Under the Default render process configurations
        • Click the PDF bullet
        • Check the Reader Extend Checkbox
        • and then select from the drop down the Reader Extension that you wish to apply

When you deploy the project, you will notice the pdf that is generated is not actually reader extended, at all.  I am not sure if I miss a quick fix that is related to this, or if somehow this is a bug that went unnoticed until now.


The only workaround we have found is to actually manually change the applyRE and credentialAlias in the xdp_dci xml file associated with the new PDF (which gets shoved onto the LiveCycle server.

I have not been able to find any documentation or questions about this issue, hopefully someone in this thread has found a solution. 

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