Random new table row instances on opening a PDF file




I have a form which was created using LiveCycle Designer ES4 and I enabled form saving (Reader extended PDF) with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

The problem is, that upon opening such files with Adobe reader, some table body rows or subforms (which can be repeated) create a new instance. When

a user fills out the form, saves it, and reopens it, a new row / subform instance is created again. In some other discussion I read, tad data binding causes the issue, but I tried to set data binding to "No data binding" not only for the whole table, but for every object in in, and still, every time the file is opened, a new instance is created.

Right now, I have set up a js script that upon opening the file loops all tables and deletes these random new row instances, but that's just a quick fix.

Any ideas how to resolve this bug?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

this is a problem with Adobe Reader. For some reason, the software seems to read the file incorrectly.

This usually happens to me when the object in question have the same name than other objects in the form, regardless of its position in the form and regardless of the data binding.

If the object in question is named Row1 under Table1, and you have another Row1 under Table2, and this problem occurs, I highly suggest that you simply change the name Row1 with a distinct name.

Like I said this seems to be Adobe Reader issue only when opening the form it creates another instance by reference while reading the data of the form.

I hope this will help.