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Hi all,

I have a major problem with a form in that, bizarrely, radio buttons are breaking the validation of mandatory fields throughout the form.

On trying everything to narrow down what the issue is, strangely this seems to be it. For example, mandatory fields validate up until the first instance of a radio button in the form, where all other successive mandatory fields fail to validate after it. Simply moving a working field to after that first instance of a radio button in the hierarchy breaks it.

Validation is run through a custom submit button using execValidate.

Form elements (including radio buttons, text fields, validation/submit buttons, etc.) have been tested independently, and frustratingly, work when lifted into a new document. Therefore there must be something else in the form that's making it fail. Recreating the form isn't really an option due to it's complexity and size.

Any help would be massively appreciated.



EDIT: Fixed. After whittling the form down to bare bones and going though the XML line by line (ouch), turns out the only real different thing between my original (broken) form and a new (working) test form was the target version. So changed back to 9.1. Curious, as using Acrobat XI ...

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