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Radio buttons and Checkboxes to change appearance when selected


Level 2

Hi guys!

Help needed.

I want my check boxes and radio buttons when selected to change color from black to "0,64,128", size from 12 to 14 and to become bold.

Also the default appearance for checkboxes is cross, but I need it to be a check mark.

I would be so much thankful if you could give me some advice.



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Level 9

Hi Maria,

Try the following. In the Click event of the radioButton

this.fontColor = "0,64,128";
this.font.size = "14";
this.font.typeface = "Arial Black";

In case of check box click on the check style then select "Check"


Bibhu Bikash Nayak,

Specialist Services in LiveCycle Forms and Server Development


Level 2

Hi Bibhu,

Thanks for quick response!

For check mark -- thanks! How could I not see that option!

For radio button -- it's not working.

I found this helpful tips on changing appearance of the radio buttons and check boxes. http://www.assuredynamics.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Assure-Dynamics-Checkboxes-and-Radio-Button...

I used the first script, but I got an error message. I can't understand what I am doing wrong. It says: "Syntax error near token "{" on line 2, column 1.

I am confused.

Help appreciated.


Level 10


Are you using the script for the checkbox or the radiobutton?

Make sure the language is set to JavaScript. When in the script Editor you can click the Check Syntax button and make sure the scirpt is okay.

Also check references to objects.

Hope that helps,



Level 10

I have updated the example, so that you can examine the script while in Acrobat/Reader. You will still need to open the form in Designer to copy the script: http://assure.ly/kp60nk.



Level 2

Thank you so much Niall.

The scripts work perfect!