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Radio Button Group - "Deselect" and leave all buttons clear


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Is it possible to have selected a radio button within a group and "deselect" it so all buttons in the group clear?  User could have "clicked" in error but cannot clear the button without selecting another button in the group.  I would like to let them clear the group.  Possible?

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Yes it is. For example, where 'favouriteFoodGroup' is an exclusion group, it can be reset using




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Appreciate your time.

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Hi There, I'm having the same trouble, but when I use the code you've posted, it continues to reset the entire form, not just the radio exclusion group specified. My code is written on a button on the click event and reads as follows:


ApprovalOrDenial is the name given to the radio button exclusion group. What am I missing?


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I am now having issued with Window 7 where before I did not. I don’t have an answer for you.