Quotation line item table - item rows move up to empty row




I am working on a quotation item table (SAP C4C) where I add an empty line in row 10 (text item - not an actual item) and row 20 and 30 contain real items. As soon as I review the form prepared in ALCD, line 20 moves up to fill the row above (line 10 of text item) and 30 fills 20.

See below:

Line 10 should have been empty except for the column 'Description'

Line 20 should have had product 0N025CF1 with qty 1, unit price 8 and amount 8

Line 30 should have had product CPDBX12 with qty 1, unit price 0 and amount 0


Please help, this is my first post in this community and I am not sure of any programming stuff in ALCD.


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