"Visible but don't print" option and date format



First, I apologize for my awful English! I have two problems when making forms:

1)- The most important !: I want to give instructions to the user using text "visible but don’t print" but the option is always not enabled. How I can enable it?

2) The date is always in US format (YY-MM-DD), and I want to give European pattern (DD-MM-YY) but I only can see it on screen for a moment but switches back US format with return.

Thanks in advance


Tengo dos problemas a la hora de hacer formularios:

1) el más importante! Quiero dar instrucciones al usuario mediante texto "visible but don't print" pero la opción siempre me sale no habilitada. ¿Cómo puedo habilitarla?

2) el formato de la fecha siempre me sale de EE.UU. (YY-MM-DD), y quería darle formato europeo/español  (DD-MM-YY), pero sólo he conseguido que se vea en pantalla un momento pero vuelve a cambiar al darle al return.

Gracias por adelantado!

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This might be one of the limitations of creating a form from a Word document, I think this is called an Art-Work form, there are a number of differences but I don't create forms this way so aren't sure of the exact details.

Try creating a form from scratch and see if you still have the same problem, It seems to work for me.





The problem is with a text field, yes, but when I saw the "visible but do not print" option was not enabled, I checked it some other format, but never was not in any other field.

I have also tried in fields coming from a Word document and with added new fields: all else fails.


Another screesshot: now, of the date pattern.

formulari-error data.jpg




Both things should be possible. Are you adding a text field in Form Edit mode, or are you doing something else?

Can you post some screenshots of the settings you've set up for this field?