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"input" folder is missing amoung the Watchfolders


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I'm just trying to create a very simple process in the Workbench.

*Defaul Start Point

*Watch folder

*Apply Policy

The problem is that "input" folder for dorpping the files is not created on teh server after files are deployed. If i create folder manually and dropp files in that folder, nothing is happens.

If process is initialized from teh workbench, file is protected and can be saved on the local drive.

I have LC ES2 Right Management installed + PDF Generation installed.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


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Found out that input folder is created (somehow) in teh installation folder of the LIfecycle ES2. So for example if LC is installed to:

d:\Adobe\LC_ES2 the inout folder is created here:


But this seems not to be correct, right? or have i missed some configurations? All other folders like stage, reulst ec are located in teh proper folder structure.


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You can configure the location of the "input" folder through the Administrative UI (http://server:8080/adminui),  Look for the "Applications and Services" link off the main page, then "Manage Endpoints" to locate your Watched Folder endpoint.




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Unfortunalty this does not work. Endpoint has the correct path, still "input" folder is created somwhere else. (d:\adobe)

Tried to rerun configuration manager - same results.