"event.target.hostContainer is undefined" with signature fields



I got LC-Designer ES4 Vers. 11. In Acrobat XI (and possibly all other viewers) I have this problem:

Whenever I access a subform containing a signature field  (for example like this):

var oBlockSignatureEKB = xfa.resolveNode("Exportcontrol.blockWithSignatures.blockSignatureEKB");

console.println("setVisibilityOfSignatureEKB: [" + oBlockSignatureEKB.name + "]");

then I get in JavaScript-Debugger this error message

event.target.hostContainer is undefined


TypeError: event.target.hostContainer is undefined


Apparently the code quits working beyond this point.

Why is this?

How can I prevent it or get around this error?

Accessing subforms without a signature field I do not have this kind of problem at all.

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I am afraid that won't help.

I do not plan to pop up message boxes.

The code I wrote in my question is actually stripped down to the minimum to visualize the problem:

Accessing a subform containing a signature field throws an error message.

That might be an issue of LiveCycle - or has some other reason. I was hoping someone else has come across this behaviour as well and can explain it. The best thing would be of course if someone knew a way of accessing such a subform without provoking an error message.



why complicating things just use image filed better , user can insert image as eletrocnic signature and you can set codes as below to pop up messages if it's null :

if (this.rawValue == null || this.rawValue == "")


app.alert("Please insert your signature first");