"Check Names: Microsoft Outlook does not recognize '1. double click the attachment'" submit error



I have seen this question/issue on multiple forums and nobody seems to have an answer/fix yet.  I included an e-mail submit button for my form, and when I practice submitting, everything sends fine.  However, if I distribute the form (to allow for tracking, etc.) I get an error pop-up window that reads "Check names"  "Microsoft Outlook does not recognize '1. double click the attachment'".  What I mostly don't understand is "1. double click the attachment" is part of the directions/content in the e-mail after they actually, successfully submit the form.  Why is the content auto-populating as part of the mailing address??  After you "Show More Names" and search for the correct recipient(s), you have the same error pop-up again with the 2nd step that's show in the content of the e-mail: "2. Acrobat will prompt you to select a responses file", until you select the recipients again by clicking "show more names".  Then the e-mail populates, with "Completed Form&body=Instructions to add this form to a responses file: name@e-mail.org?subject=Submitting" as a recipient, as well as the 2 recipients you had to search for.

Does anybody know why this happens and how to fix it!?

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