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Good afternoon everyone,

I have a form that asks a few questions and based on the answers, i get a corresponding car/make to it.

At the end of my form i would like to show the results (via a table).

So what i was thinking is that behind every question that is answered, i have a piece of code that would add the corresponding car and make (in one line, ex: nissan tittan) and this would occur throughout the form about a dozen times.

Each time adding a dynamic line to my table so as to make this look like a summary (if you will) of the cars selected by user.

So far, questions are done table is set, i can't quite figure out the way to add the dynamic line to the table so that it builds a summary. Right now, it adds the rows but i want to add text in that row as well. (this table is only 1 column (label or text field, which ever is easiest to work with) and the rows are dynamic.



I don't know how to add the "text" part to every new line added. This doesn't quite work yet

Anyone have an idea on how to write the code so that i add 1 row and some text in it, dynamically and this every time a question gets filed?

Thank you very much again for your help


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