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Question about drop down lists?


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I have a drop down list and when the user clicks on an option certain text appears.  I got that part to work, but one selection involves another drop down list and a text field box.  How do I get those two objects to appear when the user selects option 3 for an example??  I fairly new with this LiveCycle stuff so if its something very simple I apologize.  Thanks so much.

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No need to apologise. LC Designer does open the possibilities of dynamic features.

Which version of LC Designer do you have? If you have LC Designer ES2 (v9), then there is an Action Builder under the tools menu. You can use this to automatically build script using plain English, eg "if this object is equal to 3, then show this object".

You can also script in the exit event of the dropdown. The following is Javascript:

// hide them first in case the user selects one of the other options.

otherDropdown.presence = "invisible";

otherTextfield.presence = "invisible";

if (this.rawValue == "Option 3")


     otherDropdown.presence = "visible";

     otherTextfield.presence = "visible";


You are using the presence property to change the visibility of the objects. Here is an example with a dropdown changing the presence of subforms. https://acrobat.com/#d=txGF4IAoqmfTKPrLkwybIA. Note the difference between 'invisible' and 'hidden' in a flowed subform.

Paul Guerette is giving a talk on dynamic forms on the 30 November, it would be a good online event to attend. Details are here: http://acrobatusers.com/events/49326/tech-talk-developing-flowable-form-content

Hope this helps,



Level 3

Thanks for this answer it was very helpful and it worked...yay. Thank you also about the information on the online seminar. I'm really interested in doing that. Thanks so much.