QR Code / Datamatrix special characters

Mind-o 11-01-2018

Hi guys,

i'm facing an issue in Adobe Livecycle Designer,

i have to create barcode (QR Code and datamtrix if it's possible too ) with special characters.

the problem is that when i scan them with this encoded value ( à@éèèÀàùêîôò ) i have this result : ( à @éèèÀà ùêîôò )

if someone can help me ...

Thanks in advance !

ps: My RF is correctly configured

please find attached my datamtrix and QR Code image

datamatrix qrcode.PNG

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Answers (4)

Mind-o 15-01-2018

It works for me too with an application (goggles or others ...)

but on my RF it doesnt work, i have 3 differents RF .. configured and checked by the retailer ...

Mind-o 11-01-2018

Thank's Radzmar for your answer,

can you tell me with wich support did you try to read thoose barcodes ?

you have to know that when i scan them with my application (goggles)the QR code is correct, and the datamatrix is not,

another thing to know ... i print thoose barcodes via livecycle on SAP.

thank you for your remark on the datamatrix !