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Public bug tracking & reporting for LCCS


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Hi LCCS Team,

Is there a place where the community (ex: us on this board) can review all open bugs, create new ones formally and participate in resolving them?

Example: http://bugs.adobe.com/

I didn't see LCCS related items in there but love the idea that Adobe is open and transparent in this regard.

I don't think that I am speaking just for myself here but seeing open LCCS bugs and being able to have the community participate on what is most important
to us on what needs to be fixed would be awesome. It is a great way to show us that all our feedback on this forum is heard and we don't end up
asking the same questions over and over again. :-)

You have responded to 'some' (not all) of our questions in somewhat secrecy, not really being transparent on what exactly is going to be fixed

and by when. For example: Many of us have been asking for screen share fixes left and right and you told us that they will be addressed.
I have not yet seen any real updates on that matter and a "coming in weeks" is not good enough. Many of us are creating LCCS based apps for enterprise
customers (I do). We need the transparency in order to set expectations on what LCCS is able to accomplish today, tomorrow and in the near future.

Without that transparency, we can't really plan for true innovation with our applications.

Personally, I have a huge client that would like to launch a screen share based application on their website and I have it built. However, screen share
refresh rates and picture quality are currently sub-par compared to competing teachnology. Also, the pop-up issue on some systems (Windows 7)
is still a problem in their system testing. I am not asking for any of this to be solved tomorrow but I do need to understand by when it will be solved
and what bugs are oustanding so that my customer can decide on how to proceed, with LCCS or look elsewhere.

Thanks for listening. Btw, I don't expect for this post to be made public. Just want to know where things are at.


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Hi Michael,

As always, we appreciate the thoughtful feedback. Let me address a few

points :

A) For reporting bugs, we're sticking to these forums for the time being.

I'm sure you've noticed that we put in quite a lot of time and effort here

to being as responsive as possible. I don't think adding another system is

going to solve the issues you present below, and it comes at some (not

insignificant) cost to us to operate. In my opinion, most of what you've put

down as complaints are attributable to a team that is super-busy and trying

to strike the right balance between communicating and doing. We made the

conscious choice to support the product directly, not via a support org,

because we feel it's the best way to do things quickly, and gets better

results in general.

B) If you feel like you're not being heard well enough, I'll ask you to

simply ask again in the thread for a given topic. Like anyone, we end up

prioritizing the latest, newest questions. Some times, you might need to

bump us to get us to get back to you. I agree it's not perfect, but it's

definitely not for lack of trying, or out of any desire for secrecy. Please

bear with us =).

C) Transparency / Releases / Roadmap. Now, here, I'll admit that I got a

little irked by this one (how's that for transparency?). Enterprise or not,

most software products don't reveal release schedules or give you detailed

product roadmaps. We choose not to tell you specifically when releases are

coming, because lord knows the minute we specify a date publicly, it jinxes

the release and we end up shipping late, and piss everyone off. We give you

fairly reasonable time frames for releases, and release WAY more often than

most products in the market. Respectfully, I simply don't buy the "true

innovation" argument.

So, to the screenshare quality problems you're seeing - we do have a

commercial product built on the same platform (ConnectNow, part of

Acrobat.com). People are willing to pay for it, and in fact really like it,

so it's definitely viable. I'll respond to more of your concerns in another

thread, for bookkeeping's sake. But I have a couple of meetings I need to

attend to first.

More in a bit - respect!



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Thanks for the quick response.

I know you guys are swamped and I want to express since gratefulness for all of your support.
You and the rest of the team have helped out in so many ways already and that is very appreciated. :-)

To your B) posting, I have posted some questions that have not been answered, after repetitive posts
so hence, I was starting to get a little anxious, especially if you have an enterprise customer breathing
down your neck... ;-)

ConnectNow is a great product and lots of people are using it but I know that the ConnectNow screen share

add-in is based on a newer codebase compared to what is included with this service and that add-in does

not have the problems that I am experiencing here. Example: The ConnectNow service does not have
the "pop-up hidden in taskbar" problem that has been voiced so much without a solution

listed in this forum.

Anyways, let's rest this thread. You guys are awesome and I love all the help you have been giving.
Just trying to figure out how to set expectations with my customer on when certain things will be

fixed by. :-)



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Hey Michael,

Actually, nope, the screenshare addin for ConnectNow is exactly the same

one. I'm Engineering Manager of both products, so trust me on this =).

Now, the "pop up" problem is definitely something we're actively working on

(say hi, Arun!). It's not resolved yet, so I can't tell you when we'll have

a release with a fix - but you're right that since ConnectNow doesn't seem

to have this issue, there's something we're doing differently when we pop up

the addin in LCCS than ConnectNow. Arun's poring over the code of each right

now to figure out the mismatch (there's a lot of code there, and it's pretty

challenging to reproduce and debug, so it's taking time..). We do go on

record when we've fixed a bug in house (see here for example :

http://forums.adobe.com/thread/825328?tstart=30). We'll keep you posted on

that one.




Hey Michael,

Thanks to the LCCS community, we did fix most of the issues they reported to us. We are fast and responsive. The bug you reported to us is being tough and inconsistent to reproduce, and so the delay.

We are still looking into this issue, and hopefully we have an update for you soon.