Prompting a user and storing their data with a button?




I would like to know if possible & how would i approach this in live cycle using java scripts. I'm aware that its easily doable in regular java and c, but im still new to livecycle and im unaware of how i would do this if it is possible.


Create a button that opens a message box or text field, takes the user input and stores it in to a variable, which we can then use that stored data and create a for loop to automatically create the new tables until the count is finished(reaches user input number)

I want the button to create multiple tables on the form that are cloned from the first table and the number of tables would be based on the user input.

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Hi there,

the message box you want with a text field would be using response instead of messageBox like the following"Question", "Title", "Default Value");

Hope this help!