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Problem with flow of expandable fields


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Hi everyone,

I have important problem with flow of expandable fields in table in dynamic PDF form. The issue I am talking about you can see at the top of column 3 on page 2 in PDF in link below.

Here is uploaded PDF form and sample XML data (form has import button and is ReaderExtended that you can easily test it and see my problem):

Generally I have created table with 3 columns using Table object (each field has allow multiple lines selected and expand to fit).  It is closed in FormBody subform which is flowed subform.

Row in table is repeatable and has “is allow to break page” setting set on.

Sometimes when there is a lot of text and row page break there is problem with flow.

For example text from one rows overlaps on text from next row.

I tried to solve this problem by changing row height, indents, font size, line spacing but always when I thought that I have fixed it  I got another data which generated the same flow problem.

Did anyone met this problem earlier and found solution to this issue? This is really important for me and I am really in dead end so any hints would be really helpful.

I am using Adobe Livecycle Designer 8.1 and PDF form target is 8.

I really appreciate any help in this problem.

Kamil Dłutowski
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post your form. i will have a look at it.