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Problem with currency signs :(


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Back again with another question

Now i have a different problem.
I  am pretty much done with the template that I am working on.  The issue that i am having now  is dealing with the table again.  But for entering data.  It is more of a  formatting issue this time

So I made 3 numeric fields for entering Quantity (QTY.), Unit Cost, and Total on the table.  (see picture below)
For Quantity, i need the format to look like this for example:    1,234
For Unit cost, i need the format to look like this for example:  $1,234.50
And for Total, I need the format to look like this for example: $1,234.50

table data3.png

I  set the "patterns" display to be the format the i said above for each.   But when i test out the form, sometimes it shows as that format, and  most times it does not and shows up as the following for both Unit Cost  and Total:  1,234.5 (Notice how the "0" does not show up)

Is there another way to do this?  Because this does not seem to be working for me.

Also, i set up the total field to be the sum of the calculation of (QTY * Unit Cost)

Also for the very last column for the last table in the form (see picture below),  I have a sub-total and a grand total that are the part the value of the  Total field type, that should be in the format: 1,234.50 without the  dollar sign.

table data2.png

If anybody can help me with my issues stated above i would greatly appreciate it. 

Thanks again guys

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Okay Ive solved this one myself after tweaking with it here and there.

Easy fix to this one hahaha

For the two fields  "QTY" and "Total", I just had to put the pattern to a different pattern (Only set a pattern for Display and Data)

It went from this num{($z,zz9.99)} to this num{($z,zzz,zz9.99)}

And I also changed both of those fileds from a numeric field to a decimal field.  I dont know if that did much because i did this first and still had the error, just something to consider tho.

Thanks all!