Problem placing a positioned subform on a flowed page

mdawn50 01-05-2015

On page 2 of my form, the page is set to flowed. I have one subform which contains a Save button that I would like to position at the bottom margin of the page. However, I can't get the subform and button to move to the position where I want it. If I select just the button, then I can position using the Y coordinate. That then leaves the subform height too big. When I select the subform, X and Y coordinates are grayed out.



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You should be able to copy the "spacer" subform to before your subform with the button that you want at the bottom of the page.  Make sure the "spaceManager.addSpacer(this);" JavaScript is still in the ready:layout event and the spacer subform will be resized so your button ends up at the bottom.

The repeating subforms in the sample can be ignored in your case.



mdawn50 04-05-2015

I read the blog and understand how it works, however, I'm not sure how to use the information if my form does not have repeating subforms.