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Problem after upgrading Flex/BlazeDS/Workspace application to ADEP We implemented a flex applicatio


Level 2

We implemented a flex application for the Workspace ES client and after a few updates it also worked in Workspace ES2.

Now we want to migrate to ADEP Workspace and get problems with retrieving custom types from the backend application. When opening a component in ADEP Workspace (via tile icon)

a Flex applicaton is started which connects to the Workspace via SWfConnector. You can retrieve data from a backend Java application using BlazeDS.

When we want to retrieve a custom type!! from the backend after opening the component (via tile icon) the first time after login to Workspace this works fine. We can also retrieve all kind of custom type data multiple times.

After closing and reopening the component in the ADEP workspace no data is transfered anymore from the Java backend to the Flex component in the frontend. Debugging I see the custom object is initialized in the backend with a value (for example only a simple custom object with one string value),

and in the Flex application and it seems empty object of custom type is returned.

event.result.toString()   -> returns [TestObject]  (with event = ResultEvent / TestObject = Custom Type retrieved)

var testObj:TestObject = event.result as TestObject;  -> returns an Exception, see below


I can't find any error in the backend server log.

When retrieving ArrayCollections (for example also containing custom type objects) there is no problem at all!!!

I work with FlexBuilder3 and with Flex SDK 3.4. The backend Java application runs on a JBOSS.

Any idea what can cause this strang behaviour??



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