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we have a pay-in slip on each page of an invoice. The amounts on that pay-in slip should be stars (like *********) and only on the last page of the invoice the pay-in amount should be printed.

I tried the following already:

Formcalc on event initilize:

var curpage = $ ( ref ( $ ) )

var totpages = $layout.pageCount()

if ( curpage ne totpages ) then

$.rawValue = "*******"


Result: The stars were printed on both pages of the invoice.

Then I tried the following coding:

Javascript on event ready:

if ( != xfa.layout.pageCount()){

     this.rawValue == "*******"


Result: The invoice amount is printed on both pages.

I am an ABAP developer and not very experienced with Formcalc or Javascript. I would be very grateful if somebody could help me here.

Kind Regards

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