Preview PDF tab unavailable - need expanding text fields.

Terminatrix-138 28-09-2016

I have spent hours and hours reading forums and watching training videos for ES4 but I can't get an answer to my question. The PDF Preview tab is grayed out and most of the workarounds I have read and tried have not helped. It is grayed out in the View menu and not available as an option when I right click in the tabs field. I am desperate to figure this out to complete a project I am working on.

All I want is to create flowable or expanding text boxes in a PDF which I thought ES4 would help me do or else I would have just stuck to using Acrobat Pro XI and not purchased LC ES4 to begin with. Is there another way to do this without the Preview PDF tab, maybe? I am so frustrated with this. I have tried to help myself but have spent so much time on this at this point I don't know what else to do; I'm not a developer, just a user but I can usually figure things like this out and am really good at finding solutions to these types of issues. Not this time

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Terminatrix-138 30-09-2016

I appreciate your help but when I tried this it wanted me to uninstall Pro XI. I can't do that to  use DC. I only need one thing out of this LC ES4 software that I can't do in Pro XI; I want to keep Pro for all the other things I use it for. I am at the point of just giving up on my expandable text fields. I have to get this project done so these documents will just have to have the scroll instead of expanding. Hopefully users will not need to print Looks like I wasted money on this software because it's unusable to me if I can't use it to make PDFs.

MAPIZ 29-09-2016

you're right, the solution in the link affects only ES2.Try to download "Acrobat Reader DC" instead of "Adobe Pro XI". After checking whether PDF Preview tab is grayed out in the View menu.

Terminatrix-138 29-09-2016

Hi and thanks so much for your response! I tried the method outlined at that link but when I select Internet under preferences in Acrobat, I get a different screen (1st image shown below). I'm wondering it it is because I am using a later version of LiveCycle (ES4) that is separate from Adobe Pro XI and not built in as I understand earlier versions are? I have no preferences in my edit menu in LiveCycle (2nd image) and the PDF Preview tab is grayed out in the View menu (3rd image) and does not even appear in the tab options (4th image). Ugh!